Out of Body Experiences with Professor Funk

My, what an interesting morning.  Having suffered through several days without a single article examining the relationship of violent video games to real-life violence, imagine my relief when I came across this article.  Like the dry, often sandy areas of extreme temperatures and sparse vegetation miss the water condensed from atmospheric vapor. 

The article focuses on 2K Boston’s current media darling Bioshock, particularly the ‘Little Sisters’ and the moral dilemma that confronts the player when deciding if they should live or die.  There’s nothing worse than a wasted opportunity, and I can’t help but lament the passing of the chance to entitle this article ‘Would You Kill Your Little Sisters?’ for maximum shock value.  Also, the irony of an article discussing video game violence flanked by an ad for another article focusing on the war in Iraq seems to have escaped the folks at the Ledger.

As difficult as it is to disagree with Professor Funk (who, presumably, graduated from the same university as equally-unlikely named peers like Professor X and Doctors Doom, Octopus and Strange),  the results of her ‘research’ are never explained, nor are her methods in obtaining said results – but unless you’re selling conditioner, why complicate things with science?  I’d be most interested in how she determined a ‘pro-violence’ attitude in a child of twelve or less – maybe she asked them if they would kill their little sisters.

Another noteworthy development is this research conducted by University College London and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology into the mechanics of out-of-body experiences, and the potential applications of their findings.  This technology, after some development, could have significant commercial potential for the video game (sorry, interactive entertainment) industry.  Oh yeah, and, like, medicine and shit.  How amusing to see a technology article in the ‘health’ section of the BBC’s website mention video gaming before the medical applications of the technology.

I guess surgeons needing a little extra training will have to make do with this until they can refine the technology – according to this article, apparently “All those years on the couch playing Nintendo and PlayStation appear to be paying off for surgeons,” – do med students even have time to play games?

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