Fanboys, Killzone 2 and the Fabric of the Universe

Recently, I made the tragic mistake of trying to determine what makes gamers fanboys, in the vain hope of explaining why they are helpless to write crap like this. Like peering into the darkest recesses of the human mind, what I discovered was both confounding and terrifying. Logic, reason and common sense abandoned in favor of cheap laughs, rational thought traded for casual profanity for it’s own sake and seemingly-normal gamers driven to such piteous depths of fanboyism by a single video.

Whilst his allegiance to Microsoft’s product is never openly declared, the implications of it are somewhat obvious. He manages to raise a genuine point in that, from this gameplay demo of Killzone 2, the title doesn’t appear to add anything to the genre, before digressing to schoolyard vulgarity and dismissive ranting that “…it doesn’t even look as pretty as Epic’s Gears of War,“. Whilst such a well-crafted argument to dismiss a game based on a side-by-side visual comparison to another shooter in the same genre is both unusual and impressively persuasive, I have to beg to differ.

I had asked in a previous post whether gamers even wanted innovation in the FPS genre, and it appears my question has been answered with a resounding ‘yes’ – as long as innovation equals more polished graphics and a few extra game assets like weapons and vehicles. It would seem that, to this fanboy, significant improvements to such minor aspects of a game such as character animation are to be ridiculed in favor of a few extra multiplayer maps, or some equally-daring feature. I’m helpless to speculate as to whether his response to the video would have been different were it an Xbox 360 exclusive title, as opposed to a Sony product.

We’ve all been waiting for Killzone 2 for a long time. It seems that we’re a step closer, which is quite obviously a good thing although I’m still somewhat skeptical of the release date in place at the moment. Whilst it would be nice if we could see a better-quality video of the gameplay, I felt that this sequence bridged the plot mechanics and gameplay elements almost seamlessly, and that the action was immediately engaging. I’m liking the visual style, too – the characters and vehicles reminded me quite powerfully of the production design of James Cameron’s Aliens, and the atmosphere, of this level at least, looks to be far more immersive than Crysis or Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Guerrilla have done a great job with the character animation, and the physics look well-implemented – although I’m sure we’d have liked to have seen greater demonstration of the extent of the enemy AI, which I’m sure will feature more predominantly in future videos. I’m sure we’d all like to see more of Killzone 2, and my only hope is that we can retain some sense of rationality and impartiality when we do, regardless of which platform it’ll end up on. Can’t we all just get along?

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13 responses to “Fanboys, Killzone 2 and the Fabric of the Universe

  1. Lame

    Your article seems to imply that this “fanboy syndrome” is an Xbox 360 problem. Just ask a Sony fanboy about Halo 3 or even something like Bioshock and they will act and comment with the same lack of intelligence and rational.

    I think Sony fanboys are having a tough time coming to grips with not being #1 in gaming attention and they are acting like spoiled children who didn’t get everything they wanted for their birthday.

  2. Lame is lame

    The article said no such thing in implying that the fanboy syndrome is an xbox360 problem (in which it does play a large part)

    Then you even go as far as talking about sony fanboys as if that was the topic at hand at all. You sound like a fanboy yourself mr “lame”

  3. joe

    maybe your a homosexual ^

  4. 360 owners do have a problem

    Actually the problem is mostly with 360 gamers. As soon as the gameplay video dropped, xbots were quick to drop Halo and start picking up Gears simply because Halo looked like crap and Gears had the best chance of matching Killzone (which is in pre-alpha by the way).

    360 fanboys have jumped on every little flaw of Sony’s…from price to a launch game not looking as good as a game 5 years into development (Gears vs Resistance). Whats odd is that xbots are the worst kind they’re hypocritical. If you were to take an elite 360 and buy all the accessories to match the features of the 80GB PS3, it would cost 200-300 more than the PS3.

    Simple fact is that xbots are doing everything possible to justify their purchase for themselves, and spreading FUD to the public is the best they can do to calm their mind.

  5. Wrong

    “Lame” clearly missed the entire point of the article here. Leave people who can think for themselves alone. Point the finger at the same person you would be had you chosen to do things a little differently and ended up on the other side of the fence. Jerks are jerks, no matter what side they’re on. A fire isn’t going to break out here. The author is far too smart to fall for that.

  6. Iain

    I like that this article about fanboys has loads of fanboys commenting about it just proving this article is on the mark with it’s remarks at the beginning.

    Both consoles are fine, both have good points both have bad points. There different consoles with different games and features, which is handy as it gives gamers some choice when they choose one. People prefer one over the other because they think it is better for them, yes THEM not everyone, so can everyone just please go out, buy the console you want on it’s merits and go home and be happy with it and let everyone else do the same.

    just a quick note on the fanyboy comments…
    360 owners do have a problem (great name by the way) seems to just making up things to support his theories. I think the Halo he is referring to is the Halo 3 beta which was a test version focused on testing connectivity (plus some feature and weapons balancing). Slightly ironic to compare to that and then say that Killzone 2 is pre-alpha (again alittle odd pre-alpha doesn’t really exist in software testing, alpha is the start of real testing, unless you were going to test 1 thing not combinations like there trailers show). Then you say about jumping on little flaws like price, I’m sorry but you can’t really say thats a small flaw (if a flaw at all) since sales are pretty low (lower than the xbox 360 and wii) and price is a factor in that (well it is to every I know who wants a ps3 but can’t afford it). How could gears of war been in development for 5 years, the first xbox had only just been released then and the first working versions of the xbox 360 (for development) haven’t been available for more than 2-3, let alone how long the unreal 3 engine has been available. Resistance is an alright looking game though.

    lame (always great name) just has a go at sony fans in general in ironically a childish way.

  7. Brian

    Ok…. I am a SONY FANBOY,I have played HALO 2. I played it for a week ( idk how) and when I got 30 mins into it I was already tired of it. It didn’t amuze me that much, I mean what kinda game has the best weapon be a sword? Only HALO, you all admitted that the grpahics did not look good in the beta, they looked almost the same as HALO 2 except alittle bit more polished. Now the one thing that I see 360 fanboys do is attack games that come out on the PS3 first. I have seen them attack HAZE and UT3, they are just pissed b/c they have to wait and get it, GROW UP. They say “Oh it doesn’t look that good” or “That doesn’t look better than GOW”. But fortunatley you are pwned b/c the guys at EPIC say “UT3 on PS3 looks better than GOW on 360”

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  9. dylantalon

    i’m a big fanboy of the sony ps3 because im a real hardcore gamer that is into real game immersion. only the ps3 with cell chip broadband and the rsx chip is capable of doing uncharted drakes fortune, lair, heavenly sword and especially KILLZONE 2. to hear about the smart ai in KILLZONE 2 makes me smile in excitement, to see how all the character animations are all realistic and smooth in 1080p at 60fps makes me smile. the detail i saw of everything in KILLZONE 2 makes me proud of owning a ps3 cause i know its not possible on any other console. i own 3dead xbox 360s and an elite my girlfriend bought me so i know what kind of system the xbox is. gears of war is my fav game for now but will change soon cause i get a lot of disc read error on my elite and i’m in constant fear that i will again get the 3 rings of death. halo 3 looks good but i dont think ill get it cause i already have halo 2 but will get bioshock. ill continue to play my dead box 360, i mean xbox 360 elite until it breaks and thats it with me and microsofts xbox.ps3 is the future and the future is ps3. xbl – dylantalon psn – dylantalon .

  10. There are more 360 Fanboys because the official Playstation site does not allow discussions regarding comparions or anything about the other console or the thread will be locked. useless threads are deleted.

    but in the xbox forums, it seems more like they encourage this and from most of the posts i’ve seen they are extremely biased.

    any MS fanboy will over react to anything that includes sony and some positive term.


    Nice video of Killzone 2!

    Fanboy says:


    (not all fanboys are the same, the ones i notice most are the wii60 boys)


  11. Wow, sorry to see your post was over-run by comments by just the sort of fanboys which were the subject of the article.

    On Killzone 2, while I think the link you mentioned does do a very poor job of saying it, I would agree that KZ2 still doesn’t have anything unique to show in terms of gameplay. I don’t think innovation is necessarily needed, as much as something to make it stand out from other games (in terms of gameplay, not costmetics). I wrote a whole story on the subject here:

    Anyway, as far as fanboys go, pointing the finger at specifically one camp or the other (not necessarily what you intended to do in the article, but what people are doing in the comments) is pointless; the internet is overrun with fanboys of all brands and trying to determine which camp is worse just begets more stupid behavior from all sides.

    I blame the whole rising fanboy phenomenon on the skyrocketing prices of consoles. To quote myself; “simply buying up all major systems and picking up the good games as they come out has been made an economic impossibility for many…as a result, the less intelligent of the bunch are forced to justify their purchasing decisions by convincing themselves that the systems they don’t own are maddeningly worthless.”

    Fanboys have always existed, but I don’t think anyone ever argued SNES vs Genesis with the same degree of sheer fervor and stupidity as with 360 vs PS3 today.

  12. writeitoutplease

    @360 Owners do have a problem:

    360 owners don’t need to justify their purchase. The very existence of the PS3 does that for them.

    The PS3’s price is not a LITTLE flaw, it’s actually one of the main reasons people aren’t purchasing it. I don’t know where you are, but over where I live, if you were to walk into a Toys’ R’ Us, you’d see next to no Xboxes but plenty of PS3s on the shelf.

    Buying all the accessories to a 360 elite might very well bring the price up to something more than the PS3 price. But here’s the question….who’s buying all the accessories???? I bought my 360 around the time it first came out, and the only extra thing I bought was the 20GB hard drive. I’ve had no need for anything else (I don’t put so much stuff on my XBox that I need a bigger hard drive).

    And last I checked, the only good game PS3 has (that will inspire people to buy it) is Resistance. PS3 has those 3 or 4 games that someone already listed above somewhere (Heavenly Sword, I forget the others) and that’s it.

    Every other hit game is being released for both systems.

    Not only does the 360 have great exclusives being released (Halo, Ninja Gaiden 2, etc….) but it has all the titles Sony lost exclusivity rights to (GTA, Devil May Cry), plus a long list of hit games that are already released.

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