Blizzard ‘Amassing Huge Fortune Destroying Millions of Children’

To succeed in business, you have to take risks.  However, submitting a business plan focused on the destruction of millions of children – specifically Chinese children – is probably a little too risque.  You’d be much better off attempting to persuade investors to finance an MMO, as according to this article in the Shanghai Daily, the results are pretty much the same – millions of children destroyed, obscene profits amassed and one step closer to that lovely little underground base you’ve had your eye on that’s only penetrable by British secret agents with a taste for martinis.

Of course, it’s not all Blizzard’s fault, but with over half the market share in the lucrative (yet evil) MMO business, you can’t expect me to not pick on them.  Despite China’s efforts to combat the insidious Blizzard threat, China is apparently still in the grip of an internet gaming addiction epidemic.

According to the ‘journalist’ that wrote the article, Wan Lixin, Chinese sociologist Tao Hongkai claims that 80% of MMO’s contain violent, pornographic or fraudulent elements.  Well, what do you expect?  If you removed all the (partial) nudity, weapons and gold-spammers from MMO’s, what would you be left with?  This.

He goes on to report that an estimated 20 million ‘lonely’ rural children are particularly at risk from the evils of online gaming addiction.  He neglects to mention that for many, working as a gold-farmer in games like World of Warcraft is considerably better-paid than working in China’s massive manufacturing industry, with far better working conditions. 

It seems that as well as playing games on the internet, entrepreneurialism is also strongly discouraged in China; “Thirty-four-year-old Chen Tianqiao, CEO of Shanda and one of the richest men in China, recently turned a 23-year-old Canadian Chinese into a billionaire with an acquisition deal.”  Presumably the body of the Canadian Chinese was found drained of blood, with two small puncture wounds in his neck.

It’s staggering to think that this is what is what the Chinese are spoon-fed as legitimate journalism, and to witness the degree of control the government still has over the press – and voice – of the country.

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3 responses to “Blizzard ‘Amassing Huge Fortune Destroying Millions of Children’

  1. Frank

    Although I agree that “[i]t’s staggering to think that this is what the Chinese are spoon-fed as legitimate journalism[,]” I want to make sure you know that the article you reference is an opinion piece in the opinion section. That would explain most of its biased nature and lack of good references…

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