Namco – 1 : Blizzard – 0

After a frank and brutally honest conversation with my wife recently, I conceded that my World of Warcraft playing habits have been somewhat……indulgent. She bandies around phrases like ‘habitual’ and ‘compulsive’, and this is before I’ve even explored Outland in the Burning Crusade expansion, let alone the new features to look forward to in Wrath of the Lich King…..moving swiftly on.

However, I’m a family man, and such accusations of too much time spent in Azeroth rang true enough with me to motivate me to seek my gaming fix elsewhere less demanding on my already-burdened schedule. So, like an adulterer, I’ve been looking for (and finding) excuses to slink away into the rainy, neon-soaked night and spend more and more time away from Azeroth, so I can experience the forbidden fruit of….games that aren’t World of Warcraft.

Since it feels like I’m new to games again (no, really – it does) I decided to begin my search with something simple. So simple, that it couldn’t possibly lay waste to my time and, potentially, my relationship like WoW did. I didn’t have to wait long before I found what I was seeking – or so I thought.

Previously, I couldn’t fault the logic of my choice – no flashy graphics, no engaging, dramatic musical score and definitely no intensive (yet sweetly rewarding) time investment vital to an adequately-satisfying gaming experience. Oh, how wrong a man can be? My recent experiences have taught me many things that I had not previously given any considerable thought to (not the least of which are the implications of my dangerously-addictive personality), but for the sake of time, space and other continuum issues, we’ll continue this tomorrow – besides, I have to finish my Onyxia attunement quest chain tonight, or I’ll have to miss my guild’s raid night on Thursday……

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